We are thrilled to share the news of our seed investment in deBridge, a cross-chain liquidity transfer protocol built on Chainlink. We are joined in this round by our friends at Parafi, Lemniscap and many others.

Some Venture DAO investments as of Q3 2021

What is a Venture DAO?

A Venture DAO is a community governed group that seeks to invest combined capital of the community.

Venture DAOs stand out from traditional investment vehicles because they are typically egalitarian, transparent and meritocratic by design, lacking a single leader and instead relying on community voting and consensus.

Because the allocation of venture capital shapes the future world we will live in, Venture DAOs may very well be the most important use case of any DAO application.

Venture DAO ecosystem


Harp is a decentralized Liquity Frontend. We are very strong supporters of the Liquity Protocol and believe deeply that decentralized financial products are critical to ensure the future is more fair, free, and open! For these reasons we have developed Harp, and plan to maintain it, to be open source and to offer added incentives for Liquity Protocol interactions.


Harp is powered by the Liquity Frontend Program, meaning it receives an LQTY reward relative to the amount of Stability Pool stakers, staked through Harp. We decided to build a unique incentive mechanism to allow Harp Stability Pool stakers to share…

What exactly is a DAO?

As we discussed in one of our articles: The Birth Of AngelDAO we gave a brief history of DAOs. In essence, they are decentralized autonomous organizations. So what exactly does that mean? In an age of digital work people need to organize their efforts may they be coding, making decisions collectively, tracking progress and the merits of its members and many more things like blockchain investing being a pillar. In 2016 we saw the first DAO structure on Ethereum, which eventually lead to a hack. This lead to a bear market for the DAO concept but all of that changed…

We are excited to participate in the seed round of Babylon Finance via Coinlist Seed.

We have been studying the DeFi space intensively during this recent cycle. One of the first things we noticed is that even among the broader community of crypto native users and investors, only a small percentage were highly active and knowledgeable in DeFi. Our thesis is that in the current landscape there will be 2 phases of DeFi growth. First DeFi will become widely used throughout the crypto community — and we believe this growth phase alone can take DeFi beyond $100b TVL. The next…

Brief History of DAOs

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, an organization governed by its members according to the laws of the code on the blockchain. DAOs are the evolution of organizations based on consensus forced by law. In the early days of Ethereum, DAO’s were widely recognized as a major use case for smart contract technology. In early 2016, the first DAO smart contract, called The DAO, was created and deployed on Ethereum. The DAO raised more than 12M Ether to invest in the Ethereum ecosystem through decentralized mechanisms of proposals and voting. Shortly thereafter, anonymous individuals siphoned off a large portion…


Distributed systems investment collective.

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